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FARO VR Generator – Full

FARO VR brings the virtual reality experience of the Oculus Rift to the world of Point Clouds.

Full, Single User License, 64-Bit/Year


FARO VR Generator Trial

FARO VR brings the virtual reality experience of the Oculus Rift to the world of Point Clouds.

Trial, Single User License, 64-Bit


FARO Zone 2D – Trial

Use FARO Zone 2D to quickly create all your 2D diagrams for law enforcement, the fire service, and insurance.

Trial, Single User License



FARO Zone 3D – Trial

FARO Zone 3D is a revolutionary software application for public safety professionals. Through its advanced smart tools, it is the first of its kind to enable investigators to move fluidly between 2D and 3D and use 3D views to enhance the accuracy and quality of your diagrams, analysis, and animations.

Trial, Single User License


SCENE 7.1 – Trial

Combining ease-of-use and an enhanced 3D experience to deliver a complete scan processing solution, SCENE has the ability to generate high-quality, colorized data very quickly, while providing the tools for real time, on-site registration, automated scan positioning, scan registration, and positioning. SCENE is specifically designed for all Focus, Freestyle and third-party laser scanners.

Trial, 64-Bit


SCENE Capture

SCENE Capture is the application used by FARO to drive the FARO Freestyle3D sensors. In Addition, other 3D sensors are supported as well.

Full Version, 64-Bit



If you are using a 3rd party software which is capable to read FARO Laser Scanner data, installing this Importer (SDK) will allow you to read the latest version of the FLS and FWS file format.

Full Version, 64-Bit



SCENE LT is a free viewer that enables the professional user to view existing FARO scans and workspaces. It is able to import CAD models in VRML format in order to compare them with the scan points.

Full Version, 64-Bit


Automatic Registration Tools

Automatically register your fls scans without using any target or sphere (only  30% of overlap between scans is required!)

Single User License, 64-bit


Volumes & Isolines Tools

Easily create digital terrain models, extract isolines and sections (ready for CAD), and calculate volumes and cut&fills, starting from your registered fls.

Single User License, 64-bit