2D Floor Planner


2D Floor Planner transfers the Scan Localizer into a powerful stand-alone 2D floor recording tool. Easily record 2D floor plans as you go with an intuitive easy-to-use interface. Measure directly from the data just recorded and use the integrated Rewind function to correct errors after the measurement process.

Sneak Preview


2D Floor Planner can directly export true-to-scale to different image formats that are supported by major CAD programs. Additionally, 2D Floor Planner directly integrates with FARO Zone 2D. Just one mouse click is enough to open the recorded floor plan in FARO Zone 2D and start the post-editing.



  • Transform Scan Localizer in a stand-alone 2D floor plan recording tool
  • Record 2D floor plans on the fly, as you go
  • Measure directly from the data you just recorded
  • Export to CAD programs true-to-scale
  • Direct export to FARO Zone 2D

Technical support:
This software is part of the “Technical Sneak Preview” program and is currently not supported by the common FARO support channels.

Only direct Email support from the FARO Labs team is available: faroeulabssoftware@faro.com

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