ATS Quality Manager for SCENE


ATS Quality Manager is used to visualize, improve, verify and report the quality of FARO SCENE registrations. The app comes free with all newer versions of FARO SCENE.




  • Have all the information about a SCENE registration at your fingertips; ATS Quality Manager visualize and summarize information from SCENE.
  • Using the tools provided by Quality Manager it’s fast and easy to get good target based registrations with minimal effort. Especially large projects gets easier to handle with Quality Manager thanks to smart automatic batch processing.
  • Quality reports can be saved in PDF format.
  • Quality thresholds and report format can be configured.
  • Get a better overview of your scan and reference placements with the Cluster tab.
  • Get warnings where the quality is bad and hints as to what can be done to improve it.
  • Become a better professional; ATS Quality Manager will indicate bad scanning practices so they can be rectified in the next project.
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New ATS Quality Manager App – 3.1.17

Improve both registration speed and quality with the new version of Quality Manager. With Quality Manager it doesn’t matter if a project contains 10 or 1000 scans, the same tools are used and the same excellent result can be achieved with a minimum of invested time thanks to batch processing.

  • Quality Manager 3 is faster at handling large amounts of scans and has a better understanding of reference, scan and cluster connections.
  • By using the new “Find Missing References” function both the quality and speed of registration can be significantly improved in target based projects.
  • The Warnings & Fixes tab has been revamped and is now more helpful than ever.
  • A new tab that shows cluster information has been added. Use this tab to get an overview of the scan and reference distributions of each cluster in the project.


Bug Fixes – 3.1.17:

  • Fixed bug that prevented pdf exports from projects containing unmatched clusters.
  • Fixed bug in cluster quality calculation.
  • Fixed issue with ScanManager and ScanFit updates via QM if the SCENE 2019 selection toolbar was open.
  • Purely surveyed scans are no longer added to groups in the cluster view.
  • Added reference position export function.


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