ATS Quality Manager for SCENE


ATS Quality Manager is used to visualize, improve, verify and report the quality of FARO SCENE registrations. The app comes free with all newer versions of FARO SCENE.




  • Have all the information about a SCENE registration at your fingertips; ATS Quality Manager visualize and summarize information from SCENE.
  • Using the tools provided by Quality Manager it’s fast and easy to get good target based registrations with minimal effort. Especially large projects gets easier to handle with Quality Manager thanks to smart automatic batch processing.
  • Quality reports can be saved in PDF format.
  • Quality thresholds and report format can be configured.
  • Get a better overview of your scan and reference placements with the Cluster tab.
  • Get warnings where the quality is bad and hints as to what can be done to improve it.
  • Become a better professional; ATS Quality Manager will indicate bad scanning practices so they can be rectified in the next project.
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