ATS Quality Manager for SCENE


ATS Quality Manager is used to verify and report the quality of FARO SCENE registrations. The program exists as plug-in for SCENE and as stand-alone software.




  • Open a SCENE project with Quality Manager to check registration quality
  • Use Quality Manager to improve project registration quality and save time
  • Create reports in PDF format
  • Configure report layout and quality thresholds
  • User friendly graphical interface highlights possible quality problems

Changes from version 2

  • New engine for parsing data from SCENE. Quality Manager now has a better understanding of how scans and references relate to each other, and is faster to pick up changes in workspaces with lots of scans.
  • New helper function that automatically removes badly fitted spheres and adds missed spheres and checkerboards to help with and improve registration quality and speed.
  • Summary tab re-ordered.
  • Updated Warnings & Fixes tab with more warning types and better info.
  • New cluster tab with information about clusters in the project.
  • Several new tools to help with various tasks.

New in Version 2.1.5

  • Stability improvements
  • Capability now with SCENE 7.1 and above

New in version 2.1.1

  • Demo mode
  • Better automatic reloading (better synchronization with SCENE)
  • Update ScanManagers and ScanFits directly from Quality Manager
  • Enable and disable references and inclinometer directly from Quality Manager
  • Open scans in planar view and locate references directly from Quality Manager
  • New warnings & fixes tab that will show potential problems in the project
  • Updated summary tab
  • Updated pdf reports
  • Improved reference angle distribution window in the scan info tab
  • All lists sortable by all their columns
  • New mismatch fields feature added to 3D view
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