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Note that ATS Workspace cleaner will NOT work in SCENE 5.1 and below. ATS Workspace Cleaner is used to clean a project/workspace tree of everything but scan files and folders before delivering it to an end customer.

Purchasing this product gives 1 year access to the ATS Workspace Cleaner software. The license period begins at the day of activation of the software. The license is locked to either a computer or a user and can’t be changed.

Single User License, 64-Bit

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Often one does not want to show exactly how the scans were fitted together, and neither is this something a customer needs to know. Reducing the amount of irrelevant information for the customer is good.

Of course the customer should still be notified about the general quality of the project. But this information should be presented in such a way it is easy to understand without knowledge of the inner workings of SCENE. ATS Quality Manager is great for this and can also be bought here at FARO 3D App Center.

New in version 1.2.1

  • Can now also help with cleaning the rest of the project, such as revisions, raw scans and log files; everything that is needed to deliver a clean project to your customer.
  • Has a button to export the base project to easily create a deliverable project.
  • New license system where license can be locked to either a computer or a user.
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