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FARO Zone 3D is an ideal solution for professionals in law enforcement, forensic investigation, the fire service, security, insurance, and fire protection engineering. Now, everyone can produce stunning visuals with precise 2D and 3D diagrams, accurate analysis, and compelling animations and videos.

Trial, Single User License



Special loyalty pricing available for customers of Reality, ARAS, HD, CAD Zone, Crime Zone, Crash Zone, Fire Zone, CAD Zone Point Cloud, or Insurance Zone.

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What’s new?

  • Easily create high-quality kitchen and bathroom cabinets, entertainment centers, and other furniture
  • Load the high-resolution drone and satellite images
  • Place multiple virtual surveys in a single drawing
  • Customize and place 704 Placards in any diagram or animation
  • Attach bullet trajectory objects to posable bodies
  • Add light blooms and lighting presets for a dramatic effect
  • Turn a point cloud into a virtual training scene
  • And much more…



• Realistic animations of human bodies in motion
• Compelling Presentations, Even in VR
• Accurate 2D and 3D Diagramming
• Virtually Any Measurement Source
• Easy and Accurate Animations
• Access to 10 Million 3D Models
• Powerful Analysis Tools
• Get the Most From Point Clouds*


*FARO Zone 3D Advanced (available separately) includes the ability to open 3D point clouds captured with drones and laser scanners and use point cloud data for diagrams, analysis, and animations..


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