SCAN2FX Exporter (for Mari – Texturing/3D Paint)

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The SCAN2FX Exporter for Mari allows users to export your SCENE panorama scans as projection layers into Mari, enabling a unique and efficient workflow for 3D painting and texturing.

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  • Quickly turn the SCENE scan projects into a Mari project for texturing and 3D painting.
  • Utilize the spherical image projections, layers and projectors generated by SCAN2FX to texture a mesh (for example exported as OBJ from SCENE into Maya).
  • Paint the texture from different scanned panoramas onto the mesh through Mari’s 3D painting toolset.
  • Precisely control how textures get applied and blend textures from different scans for seamless transitions e.g. when using different exposures, by utilizing the different layers SCAN2FX Exporter generates.
  • Fill in gaps where no texture exists by painting onto the color channel with a clone brush through Mari’s 3D Paint toolset.
  • Create realistic backdrops by painting onto the environment sphere created by SCAN2FX in Mari.


If you also have licensed the SCAN2FX Texture Module, the SCAN2FX Exporter (for Mari) Module will add the extra ability in SCAN2FX Texture to export the generated textures as layers straight to Mari, considering occlusions and with layers contributions by each scan. SCAN2FX Texture computes a texture in an automatic fashion based on the different scans in SCENE, and a OBJ mesh with UV layout. While, SCAN2FX Exporter is focused on exporting the panoramas from SCENE for projection painting. A SCAN2FX Exporter Module is also required to export photo projection cameras generated through SCAN2FX Photo Projector.


Please note that you will need a current version of the Foundry’s Mari to import the data generated by SCAN2FX Exporter (for Mari). The SCAN2FX Exporter (for Mari) plug-in enables the export and computation of data to allow you to easily apply the Mari functionality. The functionality of Mari is subject to change and we have no control over the toolset provided by the Foundry’s Mari.

System Requirements and Compatibility

  • FARO SCENE 2018+
  • Foundry Mari required to import the generated files
  • Windows 10+


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