SCAN2FX Exporter for TopoDOT

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The SCAN2FX Exporter for TopoDOT allows users to export your SCENE panorama scans as 3D aligned photos straight into TopoDOT.

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SCAN2FX Exporter for TopoDOT is an ideal solution for Engineering & Design companies, surveyors using LiDAR, and department of transportations utilizing TopoDOT.  SCAN2FX Exporter for TopoDOT enables faster processing, the identification of features not visible in point cloud data, and verification of assets.


  • Obtain 3D reference photos from all scan locations.
  • Quickly turn your SCENE project into a TopoDOT file for import.
  • Up to 40% faster processing over traditional methods.
  • Identify features that are not easily seen in the point cloud data.
  • Verify assets through the additional image data in TopoDOT.
  • View and see “flat” features.
  • Use the 3D aligned photos to extract features in TopoDOT.

Please note that you will need a current version of TopoDOT to import the data generated by SCAN2FX Exporter for TopoDOT. The SCAN2FX Exporter for TopoDOT plug-in enables the export and computation of data to allow you to utilize 3D aligned photos in TopoDOT. The functionality of TopoDOT is subject to change and we have no control over the toolset provided by TopoDOT.

System Requirements and Compatibility

  • FARO SCENE 2018+
  • TopoDOT required to import the generated files
  • Windows 10+


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