SCAN2FX Photo Projector

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SCAN2FX Photo Projector provides a unique way to easily align 2D photos and panoramas with a 3D scene for additional texture detail where and as needed.

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The SCAN2FX Photo Projector module allows users to estimate the camera position from where a photo or panorama was taken within the context of a 3D scene loaded in SCENE. The resulting “photo projector” / camera can be exported with one of the optional SCAN2FX Exporter modules to enable the projection of the photos onto your 3D models as textures or for image-based modeling.



  • Pick corresponding points between the 2D photo and the 3D point cloud in a 3D view.
  • Provide camera parameters such as focal length, and sensor size to compute the 3D camera pose.
  • See the estimated camera position from where the photo or panorama was captured within the context of the 3D scene.
  • Store the computed SCAN2FX “photo projectors” as part of your SCENE project file.
  • Add additional projectors, delete points or projectors, select and move 2D or 3D points, and see live updates of the estimated camera position.


Note: The standard SCAN2FX Photo Projector module by itself will only generate photo projectors within SCENE. To export these photo projectors, users will need to purchase at least one of the SCAN2FX Exporter modules.  With the optional SCAN2FX Texture module, users will also be able to apply the Photo Projectors directly as textures to meshes.

System Requirements and Compatibility

  • FARO SCENE 2019.2.2,
  • At least one SCAN2FX Exporter Modules for projector export, and/or
    SCAN2FX Texture for texturing


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