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The SCAN2FX Texture module allows users to texture a mesh based on the scanned panorama images in SCENE.

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SCAN2FX Texture offers advanced texturing options to generate specific masks for each scan (e.g. scan bottoms, distance from scanner, or occluded areas) that can be utilized to fix up or otherwise modify textures with 3rd party paint software. SCAN2FX Texture also offers the ability to highlight occluded areas where no scan image data was available with a specific color to more easily paint-in additional texture detail later-on. SCAN2FX Texture can generate textures at varying resolutions and can generate edge padding if required to avoid edge artifacts. SCAN2FX Texture generates an overall texture automatically, but can also generate extra texture layers with the projection from each scan separately to help paint in areas from a particular scan where desired.

SCAN2FX Texture will utilize the full panorama images allowing to texture meshes even where no 3D point cloud was captured (e.g. backgrounds, windows, etc.)


  • Automatically texture an OBJ mesh previously generated (requires UV layout).
  • Choose to apply color by proximity alone or by considering occlusion.
  • Automatically color-highlight occluded areas in the texture based on the mesh to later paint in those areas.
  • Compute contribution layers to fill in the contribution of a scan where needed or blend different layers in paint software.
  • Create optional masks to identify the missing “bottom,” the occluded areas, or the approximate distance from the scanner to a particular pixel for each scan.
  • Make a color adjustment to re-balance scans to better match the color of a specific scan if desired.


With the additional SCAN2FX Photo Projector module, SCAN2FX Texture obtains the additional capability to texture meshes with photos or panoramas from DSLR cameras or other cameras. This way night-time scans can be textured with day-time photography. Also, incoming RAW photos can be pre-processed or e.g. color-graded to match a certain look or camera footage before texturing with SCAN2FX Texture for maximum color fidelity.

The standard SCAN2FX Texture module by itself will only output textured OBJ meshes and, depending on the settings, extra image layers and/or mask images.

With the additional SCAN2FX Exporter (for Mari) module, SCAN2FX Texture obtains the additional capability to generate a Mari PY file with a full Mari setup that loads the resulting mesh, an overall layer, and contributing layers for each scan. Masks can be loaded from disk if required.

Likewise, with the additional SCAN2FX Exporter (for Maya) module, SCAN2FX Texture obtains the additional capability to generate a Maya file with a full Maya setup that loads the resulting mesh with texture, an overall shader, and individual shaders for each scan layer with the selected mask types (e.g. scan bottom, occluded area, or distance from scanner). By assigning different shaders to the mesh, users can preview certain aspects of the texture and/or paint masks within Maya.


Note: for optimal performance, we recommend to retopologize or otherwise simplify the mesh before texturing with SCAN2FX Texture. SCAN2FX Texture requires a mesh with UV layout for texturing.

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