SCENE Capture


SCENE Capture is the application used by FARO to drive the FARO Freestyle3D sensors. In Addition, other 3D sensors are supported as well.

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The main task of SCENE Capture is the registration of single 3D frames to compose larger sceneries. Objects can be scanned from different sides by moving the sensor around the objects and rooms by panning and moving the sensor inside the rooms.

SCENE Capture is optimized for the usage on tablet computers with a touch screen. The application guides the user through the scanning and post-processing for various hand held sensors. The results are visualized immediately to provide a real-time feedback. The user is always aware which parts of the scene are captured already.

The post-processing functions improve the results using global adjustment (bundling), stray point removal and color adjustment.

There is no limit for the scene size – except disk space.

SCENE capture can detect marker plates during scanning and processing to improve the registration results.

The data generated by SCENE Capture is compatible with SCENE. SCENE and SCENE Process come with functions for registration and meshing of multiple scans.

Captured scenes may be exported for further processing with third party applications.

SCENE Capture is free and requires no license.

Supported sensors:

  • FARO Freestyle3D, Freestyle3D X and Freestyle3D Objects
  • ASUS Xtion Pro*
  • Primesense Carmine*
  • Orbbec Astra and Astra S* 
  • Microsoft Kincet for Windows and XBOX*
  • Microsoft Kinect One*
  • Intel R200, F200 and SR300*

*Brand and product names mentioned are trademarks of their respective vendors. FARO does not provide support for SCENE Capture used with other sensors than FARO Freestyle3D.

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