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Combining ease-of-use and an enhanced 3D experience to deliver a complete scan processing solution, SCENE has the ability to generate high-quality, colorized data very quickly, while providing the tools for real time, on-site registration, automated scan positioning, scan registration, and positioning. SCENE is specifically designed for all Focus, Freestyle and third-party laser scanners.

Trial, 64-Bit




  • *NEW: Rescanning of Distant Targets – that need to be scanned with higher resolution, either to perform accurate target recognition or to capture smaller areas with greater detail accuracy.
  • *NEW: Laser High Daynamic Range (Laser-HDRTM)* Image Creation – that allows Focus customers to create HDR quality images in a substantially short amount of time.
  • *Impressive Virtual Reality Viewer permits viewing project point clouds in immersive detail (supported VR devices: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift)
  • *Enhanced Ortho-Image function for creation of ortho-images in every alignment of the image plane
  • *Real time, on-site registration and on-site-compensation for all FARO FocusS Laser Scanners
  • *3D meshing functionality for creation of watertight meshes from 3D selections or clippings
  • *State-of-the-art solid surfaces rendering engine
  • *Various filtering options for very clean and color balancing data set
  • *WebShare Cloud integration for sharing scan data to project partners
  • *Intuitive workflow-based user interface
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