SCENE WebShare 2Go 2.0 – Network License


NOTE: This is a discontinued product. FARO will not further develop this product and future versions of SCENE will no longer support it. From version 7.1 of SCENE you can use the successor SCENE 2go instead.



You can put the SCENE WebShare Cloud data of one or more scan projects onto a USB stick or any other external storage medium and view these scan projects on a Windows® or MacOS® computer without the need of an online connection.

In order to put the data onto the USB stick, you need to use the WebShare 2Go 2.0 plugin app.


This allows you to

  • put the SCENE WebShare Cloud export of the currently opened project onto a USB stick,
  • show the list of existing projects on a USB stick,
  • remove projects from a SCENE WebShare 2Go 2.0 USB stick.

For Windows® computers, SCENE WebShare 2Go 2.0 puts the Chrome® browser onto the storage medium. On MacOS X® computers, the installed Safari® browser is used.

SCENE WebShare 2Go 2.0 offers for the user:

  • Easy to understand viewing of 3D laser scanning projects within a web browser
  • Project Overview for all projects stored on the USB storage device
  • Intuitive Overview Map
  • Panoramic View for each scan for best clarity
  • 3D View for each scan for best understanding of spatial details
  • Measurements in Panoramic View and 3D View
  • No knowledge about 3D systems and laser scanning is required


The WebShare 2Go 2.0 plugin app is free of charge for the first 7 days. After that, you need a license in order to run it.


(*)If you are looking for a hosted way to share your scan data, please have a look at SCENE WebShare Cloud

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