Measure points in an As-Built Modeler or SCENE scan view which will be send directly to a running instance of As-Built for Revit (or PointSense for Revit).



SendToRevit provides simplest means to evaluate laser scan data in a Revit. It is an additional benefit for users of FARO’s As-Built (or PointSense) for Revit software who are using SCENE for scan registration or As-Built Modeler for Scan evaluation. SendToRevit is provided to these users without any additional costs.

System Requirements

  • For As-Built Modeler 2019 and above (or SCENE 7.0 and above)
  • For As-Built for Revit (or PointSense for Revit 18.5)


Hardware Requirements

  • identical with As-Built Modeler and As-Built for Revit requirements




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